It’s A Boy

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We found out this month that our 1st granbaby coming in December is “A BOY”.  We have 3 daughters so you can imagine how happy and excited we are about this news. Grampa is thrilled and already checking out little golf clubs. I’m starting to plan a baby shower in October and have a few projects on the go.  I decorated some water bottles using washi tape and vinyl letters.  I think they’ll work in a bucket of ice.

The coloured glasses below were an Etsy order.

I thought they would make good baby shower favours filled with candy so I’ve been busy making more

and I’ve been snazzin’ up a few onesies and painting up some clothes pegs for some shower decorating.

This baby stuff is FUN!!!  I can’t wait to be a gramma 🙂

These were Etsy orders for some wood letters and door knockers.

and that’s a wrap for August!

Anyway 😉


What better way to start a new month

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than with a new baby!

Introducing the newest member of our family, Charlie Brian Paul, born May 1st at 1:00 AM. 8lbs and 5 healthy ounces of pure sweetness!!!

O’ my goodness he is adorable!!!

Charlies dad, my nephew, is in a band called “The Noise”.  He’s the one playing guitar on the left.  Yes I am a proud aunt / great aunt!

The lead singer in The Noise is Ian Blackwood who just happens to be the brother of Sarah Blackwood from Walk Off The Earth.  I’ve included links so you can check them out.  So much talent!!!

So my creations this month started off with with some fun stuff for Charlie.

I grayscaled some music notes on my printer and podged them onto wooden blocks, then added the initials with vinyl that I cut on my cricut.  They’ll be a fun way for Charlie to learn to spell his name one day.


This tiny little jean jacket caught my eye.  I could picture The Noise’s newest and most awesome fan wearing it.

I painted the band logo on the jacket with tulip soft fabric paint and for Charlie and his sister I made an “I Love Charlie” tshirt, a matching headband and the onsie using steam a seam and fabric paint.


I finished my 3rd sign in a series of 4 that I am adding to my Etsy shop.  Life is Cool by the Pool is available with or without the heavy duty plastic pegs for hanging towels.

This door knocker was an Esty order.  No Boys Allowed Except Daddy. Love It!!!


Here’s my “summer” letters and my tipsy pots in my garden.


and these are my new form of creativity … YIKES!!!  not really yikes.  I did alot of research on these pupsters before I invested in a pair for me and my daughter.

I do agree. So far, so good even though I’ve only used them a few times.  I was able to do a few laps on a track that I wouldn’t have made 1/2 way around with runners on and nothing hurt the next day.

Now I just need discipline and time!

Anyway 😉

Good Bye March

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** Steam A Seam 2 **  I am a big fan!  It’s so easy to use,  you just iron it on.

I appliqued these little onesies to match the pink and purple tutus for the twins 1st birthday.

They ironed on so well I didn’t think it was necessary to sew around the edges but had I wanted too, I could’ve  without gumming up the needle.

 I’m pretty sure I’ll be working on more projects this year with steam a seam. It’s fun!!!


 I crocheted this blanket last year and set it aside waiting for a baby boy to come along.  I figured if I had to, I could get away with adding a pink ribbon that would’ve made it suitable for a baby girl.

As you can see pink was not necessary.

I was able to stick with the blue plan. I finished it off with navy blue ribbon for my new great nephew Sam.

Isn’t he adorable!?!?


This is an Etsy order for some letters done in a light yellow that will sit on the guest sign in table at a wedding.

I love the shade of yellow she chose.


I think I will be adding a section to my Etsy shop this year for glass decorated with vinyl.


and I can’t  forget this … I received an Etsy order for a chef clothes peg.  The customer wanted a female chef with shoulder length dark hair and a side part.  I can’t draw worth beans so it was a bit of a challenge.

She said she liked it so off it went to sit on a counter somewhere in San Diego 🙂


Anyway 😉

My Top 5 Favourite Tools

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#1)  my scrollsaw.  This is definitely my favourite tool and one I recommend for every crafter.  The possibilities of things you can make with it are endless.  I even made my daughter a loft bed when it was my first and only saw.  It was a beautiful bed complete with a desk underneath it.  I wouldn’t recommend taking on such a project with a scrollsaw to anyone but I proved it can be done.   As long as you practice the common sense safety rules, it is an awesome fun and easy tool to use.


* * *

#2)  my sewing machine.  This is a machine I think every girl or guy should have.  It comes in handy for so many different projects. It’s easy to use and there is so many helpful tutorials everywhere on the internet / youtube to help you with projects.  I would suggest you put one on your birthday / Christmas wish list 😉


* * *

#3)  my glue gun.  A crafter cannot be without a glue gun.  You can gather up any and all randoms, glue them together and make yourself one heck of a beautiful masterpiece.  Caution … hot glue hurts!!! Be careful.

easter wreath

* * *

#4)  my drill.  This is a tool I think I take for granted but there is so many projects it is needed for.  The adorable  little ladies below are just one example.  The drill was needed to make holes for their legs, necks and heads.


* * *

#5)  my cricut.  Such a fun little machine this is.  A lot of people use it for scrapbooking. I use mine more for personalizing with vinyl.  I could barely keep up to the bulb orders in my Etsy shop at Christmas.  It’s an awesome little machine to have for last minute gift ideas and again the possibilities are endless!!!


* * *

Anyway 😉

January 2012

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My niece asked me to make her son a grow chart to match his bedding and bench. I think the grow chart took me as long to paint as the bench did.  Could’ve been because it was January.  It’s always hard to get motivated in January after all the Christmas rush and excitement.

I decided he needed his name in jungle letters too.

I was also wanting to try to make a chalkboard placemat, so while I was getting Isaac’s stuff together to ship to his mom I made one up quickly for him. I rushed to finish it so it was not perfected but as you can see by the photos below, Isaac didn’t care at all that his placemat wasn’t perfect.

What a cutie!!!