Where the heck did April go!

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It’s just crazy how fast the months fly by!  Way too fast and the older we get the faster they fly!

I planted my flowers in the garden on the weekend along with my tipsy pots.  I hope it stays warm enough for the flowers now and I do enjoy the tipsy pots.  I was hoping to get a picture of them today but it’s raining out.

This weekend I cut and painted “SUMMER” letters for my backyard.  My plan was to have them sit on my table but the wind will keep blowing them over so I decided to put stakes in the bottom of them so I can stick them in the garden too. I drilled a hole in the bottom of each letter for 1/4″ doweling.  I won’t glue the dowels, that way if I decide I’d rather they sit on a table, I’ll have that option.  The dowel will be enough to hold them in the garden.   My best buddy who does not like clutter is starting to shake his head.  I think that means enough.  He worries that I may overdue it.  I won’t 😉  I’ll add a picture of the letters and my tipsy pots in my next post.

Transforming a plain piece of wood with a little bit of paint always amazes me and the possibilities are endless.

I used DecoArt Patio Paint so they will be fine outside all summer.  Check out their website.

There’s a lot of fun project ideas and how-to idea videos.


I enjoyed painting my Margaritaville sign so I decided to paint a few more.  Who doesn’t love a little Happy Hour?!  I’ve started a Pool sign and I’ll probably do a Hot Tub sign and then i”ll add them to my Etsy shop.


On to May…

We have a new baby due in the family this week. May 4th is his expected arrival date.  He is my first May project priority.  I’m excited to start making him something.

Anyway 😉


Hello April


Although our winter was not really very cold and we hardly got any snow this year, it always seems like the longest season in Ontario.  April is here and spring is in the air.  The sun is shining, the trees and flowers are blooming and the grass is getting nice and green.  My husband mowed the lawn today and then we gardened all day in our backyard.  It’s a lot of work but it’s fun work and so rewarding when you get to sit, relax and enjoy the beauty!

I was in need of some new outdoor Easter decor this year so I picked up a couple of vases, some easter eggs and some silk flowers from the dollar store. I added some stone to the bottom of the vases for weight then added the eggs and arranged the flowers.   So simple and they look so pretty and colourful sitting on the table on my front porch.

I found this cute wood bunny on an awesome blog I am following  skiptomylou.org.  That was my inspiration for my 3 new little garden bunnies.  I used some scrap plywood and cut out the bunnies and the stakes with my scroll saw.   I glued the stakes on, painted them brown, put a bow on them and planted them in my garden.  They look pretty cute!

Thank-You for the inspiration Cindy. Your bunny looks delicious!!!