Hobbits, Fairies & Mice


Hobbits are described as members of an imaginary race similar to humans, of small size, with hairy feet.  Fairies are generally described as human in appearance with magical powers and mice are small mammals with pointed snouts and little rounded ears.    Who wouldn’t want any one of these little critters living in their garden!?


With a few pieces of scrap wood, a scroll saw and some paint you can have hobbits, fairies or mice living in your garden.

cut out a small door – 6″ high x 4 1/2″ wide


cut 2 half circles out of wood for the bridge


cut 2 1/2″ pieces of wood trim, glue and nail them on the half circles to make the bridge



cut more 2 1/2″ pieces of trim to use for stairs

I painted some wood grain and a door frame on the door  and painted my hinges black with outdoor deco art patio paint

I used a little wooden bead for the door knob, painted it black and screwed it on.

I glued the wooden heart on the door with outdoor wood glue, then put 2 small drill holes through the heart and inserted fishing line so I could tie the door to a tree trunk.

I added a bit of brown paint to the stairs and bridge to make it look like wood grain then varnished all pieces with water based outdoor varnish.




I gotta say it looks pretty darn cute at night with the garden lights on.  A little magic door for tiny little critters.

If you don’t feel like making your own but would love one in your garden they can be custom ordered in my etsy shop.

Anyway 😉


What better way to start a new month

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than with a new baby!

Introducing the newest member of our family, Charlie Brian Paul, born May 1st at 1:00 AM. 8lbs and 5 healthy ounces of pure sweetness!!!

O’ my goodness he is adorable!!!

Charlies dad, my nephew, is in a band called “The Noise”.  He’s the one playing guitar on the left.  Yes I am a proud aunt / great aunt!

The lead singer in The Noise is Ian Blackwood who just happens to be the brother of Sarah Blackwood from Walk Off The Earth.  I’ve included links so you can check them out.  So much talent!!!

So my creations this month started off with with some fun stuff for Charlie.

I grayscaled some music notes on my printer and podged them onto wooden blocks, then added the initials with vinyl that I cut on my cricut.  They’ll be a fun way for Charlie to learn to spell his name one day.


This tiny little jean jacket caught my eye.  I could picture The Noise’s newest and most awesome fan wearing it.

I painted the band logo on the jacket with tulip soft fabric paint and for Charlie and his sister I made an “I Love Charlie” tshirt, a matching headband and the onsie using steam a seam and fabric paint.


I finished my 3rd sign in a series of 4 that I am adding to my Etsy shop.  Life is Cool by the Pool is available with or without the heavy duty plastic pegs for hanging towels.

This door knocker was an Esty order.  No Boys Allowed Except Daddy. Love It!!!


Here’s my “summer” letters and my tipsy pots in my garden.


and these are my new form of creativity … YIKES!!!  not really yikes.  I did alot of research on these pupsters before I invested in a pair for me and my daughter.

I do agree. So far, so good even though I’ve only used them a few times.  I was able to do a few laps on a track that I wouldn’t have made 1/2 way around with runners on and nothing hurt the next day.

Now I just need discipline and time!

Anyway 😉

My New Office Chair


They say … “A good exercise ball chair will reduce the strain of working at a desk for a long period of time. If you decide to use an exercise ball chair at your work desk you can say goodbye to the aching of your arms, legs, and back. Sitting on an exercise ball promotes “active sitting”. Active sitting means that your body makes adjustments often to keep balance and mostly without you even realizing it. By sitting on an exercise ball, you will work muscles that are typically ignored while you are slouching on an old computer chair.”

My daughter sits on one of these at her work. She loaned me hers for a few days to try it out and I loved it.

You can buy proper stands for them and one day I may decide to do that but for now I am using the homemade stand I made out of plywood.

 1st challenge was to find a circle big enough to trace on the wood. The lid for my firepit worked well 😉

With my good ol’ handy scrollsaw I cut the outside circle, then I drilled a hole in the inner circle so I could get my sawblade through it in order to cut out the inner circle.

I sanded it well so it doesn’t poke a hole in the ball.  That probably wouldn’t be good!!!

I cut 4 small blocks of wood and attached them to the bottom of my circle, then screwed the wheels onto the blocks but that made the ball too high for me so I removed the blocks of wood and attached the wheels right to the bottom of the circle.
If you have longer legs you could make the stand higher by attaching the blocks under the wheels.

Now it’s time to make it your own!  You can paint it or podge it or upholster it.  Whatever you want!!!

I didn’t get too fancy with mine.  I painted it solid pink with a little bottle of acrylic folk art paint.

Here it is all done, waiting at the door to go to work with me this morning,

and here it is at my desk. It is pretty fun to sit on and bounce around while you’re working and it definitely does keep you moving.  I think I’ll keep my regular chair close by so I can switch back and forth whenever I want.

The hardest part of this project was pumping the ball up. That was a workout on the arms.

My Top 5 Favourite Tools

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#1)  my scrollsaw.  This is definitely my favourite tool and one I recommend for every crafter.  The possibilities of things you can make with it are endless.  I even made my daughter a loft bed when it was my first and only saw.  It was a beautiful bed complete with a desk underneath it.  I wouldn’t recommend taking on such a project with a scrollsaw to anyone but I proved it can be done.   As long as you practice the common sense safety rules, it is an awesome fun and easy tool to use.


* * *

#2)  my sewing machine.  This is a machine I think every girl or guy should have.  It comes in handy for so many different projects. It’s easy to use and there is so many helpful tutorials everywhere on the internet / youtube to help you with projects.  I would suggest you put one on your birthday / Christmas wish list 😉


* * *

#3)  my glue gun.  A crafter cannot be without a glue gun.  You can gather up any and all randoms, glue them together and make yourself one heck of a beautiful masterpiece.  Caution … hot glue hurts!!! Be careful.

easter wreath

* * *

#4)  my drill.  This is a tool I think I take for granted but there is so many projects it is needed for.  The adorable  little ladies below are just one example.  The drill was needed to make holes for their legs, necks and heads.


* * *

#5)  my cricut.  Such a fun little machine this is.  A lot of people use it for scrapbooking. I use mine more for personalizing with vinyl.  I could barely keep up to the bulb orders in my Etsy shop at Christmas.  It’s an awesome little machine to have for last minute gift ideas and again the possibilities are endless!!!


* * *

Anyway 😉

The Blogosphere

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Wow, I am in a state of information overload.  I decided to start this blog without really even knowing much about blogging. I’ve heard lots about them but never really paid much attention to any. I’ve only closely followed my nieces blog, My Battered Backpack, as she bravely travels around the world.  I kind of randomly decided that I’d like to start my own blog this year and well, here I am.  Ever since I opened up my Etsy shop in August it seems I learn something new on the computer everyday. I enjoy technology and social media so I decided why not try this too. Now that I’ve started it I’ve been looking around and have stumbled upon so many interesting blogs already and I’ve only just begun.  Speaking of stumbled upon … looks like another fun website. Pretty sure I like it too!  All this along with pinterest and twitter = a busy year!  I hope I can keep up!

Anyway 😉

before the new year …

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The bedding and the bench below were my inspiration to start off this new year of crafting in my cave. In all the years I’ve been crafting I have never kept track of everything I’ve made in a year.  This blog will give me the opportunity to do that.  I’m only 2 months behind so I’ll catch up on January and February then start fresh for March.

My sister made a quilt for her new grandson, Isaac, out of this material. 

My wonderful neighbour gave me this bench to makeover so I decided to paint it for my niece and her son Isaac, to match the bedding that my sister made for him.

A Year of Creating

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I am craft obsessed. I Iove making anything and everything.   Creating something with your own two hands gives you such an awesome feeling of accomplishment.  I never tire of it and am inspired by pretty much everything!  I’ve made so many different things over the years I can’t even remember half of it which is mostly why I’ve decided to start a blog.  This will give me the opportunity to actually record and see how much I do make and hopefully it will interest you enough to follow along.  It’s early enough in the new year that I can go back to January and post photos of my projects so far. I work full time in a very busy office so I don’t always have the energy when I get home to get started on a project.  That along with too many good tv shows isn’t a good combo. It definitely gets in the way of creativity.  I enjoy reality tv, all the singing shows and I have to get my daily dose of Ellen. I love her spirit. This of course leaves “not enough hours in a day”. Hopefully my blog will inspire me to watch tv less and create more.

Anyway 😉