Draw Something


Today is the day we will shower my daughter with gifts for my grandson.  I’m pretty excited.  We’ve rented the town hall and are expecting 40 people.  Should be fun.

I’ve been busy making some decorations, games and prizes and painting him a little suitcase so he can pack up and come hang out with gramma whenever he wants!!!

Are you familiar with the game Draw Something?  It’s a mobile drawing and guessing game.  For a while my family was hooked on it.  We were constantly sending pictures back and forth.  On May 4th we were all together celebrating my husbands birthday. Dinner, cake and ice cream was over with and we were all sitting in the same room  playing  Draw Something on our iphones and ipads.  Everyone was doing their own thing, drawing their pictures and not really paying attention to each other.  My husband who was drawing a picture for my daughter got the word pregnant so he drew his picture and sent it to her while the rest of us were busy with our own drawings.    Then…  this picture pops up on all our phones with a message that says “so we have some exciting news”

My daughter had just found out she was a pregnant. They didn’t plan on telling anyone so soon but when she got this picture to guess from her dad she whispered to her husband, showed him the picture and they figured the timing couldn’t be more perfect so they shared their news with us on grampa’s birthday.  Best present ever!!!

I guess it’s a sign of the times when you find out you’re going to be grandparents via social networking.  Needless to say, the room went crazy!!!   This work of art grampa drew is gonna be in this kids life forever.  Good thing it’s a beauty 😉

I figured I’d keep our Draw Something theme going to announce our good news to my family and friends.

And so the fun begins.

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the shower decorations…

I picked up these frames from the dollar store and painted the white mat with my acrylic paint.

Can’t have a baby shower without a diaper cake.

Have you seen what people are making out of diapers these days?  There’s some amazing creations.

I chose to try a diaper tricycle because I knew I wanted a bear with a fishing rod on it.

Check out that adorable fishing rod.  My plan was to use a stick and a string so I was pretty excited when I found this real one.

Now for our little secret … I discovered when I got home that this adorable little fishing rod is actually a limited edition bbq lighter.  Oops … way to go gramma!!!  O well, my son in law, who loves to fish also loves to bbq so it’s a win win.   eek 😉

This is the smallest blanket I’ve ever crocheted. Good thing it’s for a baby!!!

Had to make these tissue pompoms because they’re so pretty. I’m not sure where we’re going to hang them. The ceiling in the hall is a tad high.

These are some game prizes…

And these are a few things I made for my nieces new baby girl, Frankie Lee, who I am hoping to meet for the first time at the shower.  A tutu with a matching headband and some fancy shoes,

a little collage with her name in it.  Such a cute name!!! Her grampa’s middle name is Frank and her gramma’s middle name is Lee
and a stool.

And this is what I’m capable of when I get busy.  iyiyi!!!  It’s all cleaned up now ready for my Christmas madness.

Anyway 😉

4 thoughts on “Draw Something

  1. Hi Carol,
    The shower was huge success and the decorations were impressive to say the least!!! I am so proud of you little sis!!!!! You are one awesome lady and the baby will be very lucky to have you and Larry for grandparents. Congratulations…..Lots of love Pat

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