I Like My New Tipsy Pots


They look pretty good in my garage.  Hopefully they’ll look even better in my garden whenever our weather warms up again!  Snow is in our forecast for tomorrow.  I may have got a little ahead of myself this year with my gardening kinda forgetting that it’s still only April.  I’ll blame it on our March heat wave when we broke a 102 year old, high temperature record by reaching 27 C.  We were able to get outside and spring clean and get the garden ready for flowers earlier than usual.  Maybe next weekend!

I also got my bird bath done.  I got a little too impatient while waiting for the glue to dry and I lifted the light a bit before it had set so I had to add more glue around the edge of it. It was an awkward spot to try get the glue on neat, after the fact.  If I had’ve just left it alone it would have dried perfectly.  Good thing I’m not a perfectionist.  I used PL premium construction adhesive.  It takes 24 hours to completely cure. Once it dries there is no moving it!

And I painted this Margaritaville sign for my little corner in the backyard where I sit and enjoy a nice little Margarita or Peach Bellini or Strawberry Daiquiri … etc 😉

I do enjoy a refreshing, pretty summer drink.  How could ya not!?  They just look so darn delicious!!!


Come on SUMMER!!!

Anyway 🙂

6 thoughts on “I Like My New Tipsy Pots

  1. I LOVE the tipsy pots! And I love that they are in the same post as your Margaritaville sign because the pots in that corner should definitely be as tipsy as the people!!!

  2. The tipsy pots are hysterical, and I also love the summer drink with the tiny red stilleto on top. Can you “email” me one while my children are napping?

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