My New Office Chair


They say … “A good exercise ball chair will reduce the strain of working at a desk for a long period of time. If you decide to use an exercise ball chair at your work desk you can say goodbye to the aching of your arms, legs, and back. Sitting on an exercise ball promotes “active sitting”. Active sitting means that your body makes adjustments often to keep balance and mostly without you even realizing it. By sitting on an exercise ball, you will work muscles that are typically ignored while you are slouching on an old computer chair.”

My daughter sits on one of these at her work. She loaned me hers for a few days to try it out and I loved it.

You can buy proper stands for them and one day I may decide to do that but for now I am using the homemade stand I made out of plywood.

 1st challenge was to find a circle big enough to trace on the wood. The lid for my firepit worked well 😉

With my good ol’ handy scrollsaw I cut the outside circle, then I drilled a hole in the inner circle so I could get my sawblade through it in order to cut out the inner circle.

I sanded it well so it doesn’t poke a hole in the ball.  That probably wouldn’t be good!!!

I cut 4 small blocks of wood and attached them to the bottom of my circle, then screwed the wheels onto the blocks but that made the ball too high for me so I removed the blocks of wood and attached the wheels right to the bottom of the circle.
If you have longer legs you could make the stand higher by attaching the blocks under the wheels.

Now it’s time to make it your own!  You can paint it or podge it or upholster it.  Whatever you want!!!

I didn’t get too fancy with mine.  I painted it solid pink with a little bottle of acrylic folk art paint.

Here it is all done, waiting at the door to go to work with me this morning,

and here it is at my desk. It is pretty fun to sit on and bounce around while you’re working and it definitely does keep you moving.  I think I’ll keep my regular chair close by so I can switch back and forth whenever I want.

The hardest part of this project was pumping the ball up. That was a workout on the arms.

8 thoughts on “My New Office Chair

  1. I know people who have gotten those exercise ball chairs – but the thing that makes me nervous is – what if you fall off? Isn’t it hard to keep your balance?

    • ya it is a little bit tricky, i haven’t fallen off … yet 😉
      it is exercise though. i’m finding by noon i’m glad to switch back to my regular chair for a break.

  2. I love this idea. I sit at a desk all day and try to get up and about as much as I can. I also have elevated my desk top computer and keyboard so I can stand at my desk to work which helps alot with circulation.
    Great post.


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