My Top 5 Favourite Tools

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#1)  my scrollsaw.  This is definitely my favourite tool and one I recommend for every crafter.  The possibilities of things you can make with it are endless.  I even made my daughter a loft bed when it was my first and only saw.  It was a beautiful bed complete with a desk underneath it.  I wouldn’t recommend taking on such a project with a scrollsaw to anyone but I proved it can be done.   As long as you practice the common sense safety rules, it is an awesome fun and easy tool to use.


* * *

#2)  my sewing machine.  This is a machine I think every girl or guy should have.  It comes in handy for so many different projects. It’s easy to use and there is so many helpful tutorials everywhere on the internet / youtube to help you with projects.  I would suggest you put one on your birthday / Christmas wish list 😉


* * *

#3)  my glue gun.  A crafter cannot be without a glue gun.  You can gather up any and all randoms, glue them together and make yourself one heck of a beautiful masterpiece.  Caution … hot glue hurts!!! Be careful.

easter wreath

* * *

#4)  my drill.  This is a tool I think I take for granted but there is so many projects it is needed for.  The adorable  little ladies below are just one example.  The drill was needed to make holes for their legs, necks and heads.


* * *

#5)  my cricut.  Such a fun little machine this is.  A lot of people use it for scrapbooking. I use mine more for personalizing with vinyl.  I could barely keep up to the bulb orders in my Etsy shop at Christmas.  It’s an awesome little machine to have for last minute gift ideas and again the possibilities are endless!!!


* * *

Anyway 😉

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