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Wow, I am in a state of information overload.  I decided to start this blog without really even knowing much about blogging. I’ve heard lots about them but never really paid much attention to any. I’ve only closely followed my nieces blog, My Battered Backpack, as she bravely travels around the world.  I kind of randomly decided that I’d like to start my own blog this year and well, here I am.  Ever since I opened up my Etsy shop in August it seems I learn something new on the computer everyday. I enjoy technology and social media so I decided why not try this too. Now that I’ve started it I’ve been looking around and have stumbled upon so many interesting blogs already and I’ve only just begun.  Speaking of stumbled upon … looks like another fun website. Pretty sure I like it too!  All this along with pinterest and twitter = a busy year!  I hope I can keep up!

Anyway 😉

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