A Year of Creating

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I am craft obsessed. I Iove making anything and everything.   Creating something with your own two hands gives you such an awesome feeling of accomplishment.  I never tire of it and am inspired by pretty much everything!  I’ve made so many different things over the years I can’t even remember half of it which is mostly why I’ve decided to start a blog.  This will give me the opportunity to actually record and see how much I do make and hopefully it will interest you enough to follow along.  It’s early enough in the new year that I can go back to January and post photos of my projects so far. I work full time in a very busy office so I don’t always have the energy when I get home to get started on a project.  That along with too many good tv shows isn’t a good combo. It definitely gets in the way of creativity.  I enjoy reality tv, all the singing shows and I have to get my daily dose of Ellen. I love her spirit. This of course leaves “not enough hours in a day”. Hopefully my blog will inspire me to watch tv less and create more.

Anyway 😉

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